Why is the program important?

Why is the program important? 2019-04-23T20:51:11+00:00
  • The marine territory of Colombia, which covers about 1’000,000 km2, has all types of tropical marine and coastal ecosystems, this in turn are important for the survival of many species and contribute directly to the food security of coastal communities.
  • Colombia is considered one of 5 countries with the greatest marine diversity in the world. However, climate change, pollution, overexploitation and the unregulated use of its resources threaten its conservation.
  • Fisheries overexploitation not only affects the environment, but also generates negative social and economic consequences for the vulnerable populations whose livelihood depends on these resources.
  • In Colombia nearly 100,000 fishermen depend exclusively on artisanal fisheries and often have unsatisfied basic needs
  • Artisanal fishing is characterized by low operational autonomy and a low level of technology.

EcoGourmet strives for

  • The implementation of better capture practices, manufacture, storage and marketing of fishery products by artisanal fishing communities on the Colombian Caribbean and Pacific coasts.
  • The implementation of agreements on sustainable management of fishery resources between restaurants and local organizations allow for the supply of fishery products obtained in a sustainable manner that in turn allow for better conservation practices.
  • Fairness in the commercial agreement between restaurants and local organizations so it results in fair remuneration.
  • Measurement of the results and impacts through biological and socioeconomic monitoring so as to evaluate the changes achieved in the ecosystems as well as in the organizations or executing entities.
  • Sensitize the end customer of fish products about good practices aimed at sustainable management and responsible consumption.
  • The measurement of the results and impacts and the communication of the acquired experiences.


The EcoGourmet program considers indispensable the traceability and/or monitoring of products which are included in the fisheries value chain in a fair and equitable manner, all with the aim of having tools to raise awareness for consumers and transparent information in order that consumers make more informed decisions about the authenticity, quality and sustainability of natural products or fish that they consume.