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Red de Frío

The Red de Frío located in the municipality of Bahía Solano Chocó, is a group of four fishermen's associations with approximately 50 members, known for their leadership actions in conjunction with other actors in ordering processes (...)



An association of concheras women or collectors of piangua, belonging to the Community Council of La Plata, located in the village of Mangaña, Bahía Málaga, Buenaventura.

In the first phase of EcoGourmet (2012), support was given through the Marviva Foundation to the Red de Frío association in Bahía Solano, which is made up of four associations: Sabor a Mar, Gaviotas, Pez Bahía and Maná. The support was made within the framework of the project “Strengthening the Commercial Relationship Restaurant WOK-Red de Frío of Bahía Solano within the framework of sustainability principles of fishery resources”. Among the main achievements stand out the institutional strengthening and its quality processes, contribution to the sustainability of natural resources and good fishing practices, signature of a formal agreement between Red de Frío and the WOK restaurant, improvement of the quality of life of artisanal fishermen and awareness of the end consumer.

In the second phase of the EcoGourmet program, four associations and a community council were selected in the Colombian Pacific: located in the department of Chocó, the Artisanal Fishermen’s Association del Valle -Los Piqueros- and the Fishermen’s Association of Purricha “ASPEPU “, In the department of Buenaventura, the Multiactive Artisanal Fishermen Cooperative of Buenaventura -COOMULPESAB- and the Fishermen and Piangueras Association of the Río Cajambre “Pinpesca” “and finally in the department of Nariño, the community council Esfuerzo Pescador and the community of Bazán .

These five associations and a community council, in addition to the restaurants or strategic partners that are linked to the program, seek from their initiative, to be an example of partnership for the country, with which to achieve awareness to the end consumer, economic equity through commercial agreements and the implementation of better capture practices, manufacturing, storage, marketing of fishery products and finally a great contribution to the sustainable use of resources.

In the last two years, EcoGourmet has expanded its actions seeking to generate more positive impacts on the sustainable use of natural resources through the implementation of pilot programs in the Caribbean and in the strengthening of commercial alliances between fishermen and the Gorgona National Park Concession as an additional strategy for the proper management of the protected area.