The new sustainable trade model

Fried with toast or sweated with rice, no matter how you eat it, the fish in Gorgona is delicious. And the experience is unique, imagine sitting in a wooden dining room, breeze on your face, under the shade of palm trees and listening to the waves a few meters away, while the scent and taste of a red snapper delight your senses.

No doubt you’ll  like it and feel marvelous. However, many of our visitors are unaware of the good they do when consuming that delicious snapper, or any of the fish dishes prepared by our chefs in Gorgona. Today we’ll tell you what it is so that you enjoy these delicacies with greater pleasure.

The Ecogourmet program

It is a program in which community organizations of fishermen are associated with restaurants, marketers and end consumers. All under the supervision of organizations such as Conservación Internacional and Fondo Acción, which seek to promote the conservation and sustainable use of fishery resources in the country, generating, in turn, greater commercial profitability and awareness among the parties.

How does it do it?

EcoGourmet establishes fair marketing criteria for local fishermen’s associations, the facilitators of the fishing chain and restaurants, where the informed end consumers become a source of product control.

The program started in 2011 promoting responsible fishing criteria such as the consumption of species that are not considered threatened, that have a minimum catch size, that have been caught following the current regulations regarding management measures, gear and methods allowed as well as in suitable fishing areas.

Who participates in the program?

The program is working with six Pacific coast communities located in the departments of Chocó, Valle del Cauca, Cauca and Nariño, among which is the community of Bazán (Nariño), located in the Sanquianga National Natural Park, which historically , has developed artisanal fishing activities in the area of influence or adjacent to the Gorgona National Natural Park.

The Aguamarina Hotel and the Gorgona Concession participate as commercial partners who’ve been linked for years with these fishing communities, buying fish and piangua while respecting the policies and guidelines of the program.

Who drives this program?

Conservación Internacional and Fondo Acción, founding partners of the EcoGourmet program, are committed to strengthening a commercial relationship between the ecotourism concessionaire of the Park and the Bazán fishermen.

Thanks to the supervision of these external actors, we can confirm that in this relationship both parties win, since not only is the compliance with the conservation commitments within the protected area monitored, but also, commercial incentives that improve the income of the community are generated.

What do fishermen commit to?

The fishermen are also supporting the process through the collection of specific information on the location of the fishing grounds and the boundaries of the Park, with the use of GPS, so as to allow in the near future the possibility of implementing the traceability tool for the product captured and consumed by tourists in the Gorgona National Natural Park.

What benefits do the get?

Thanks to the program, in a period of four months, approximately 700 kilos of fish are commercialized. This generates an increase of 22% in the sale price, in comparison with what fishermen previously received in their local commercialization through a collector.

Additionally, the oversight of compliance with this commercial alliance is accompanied by training workshops on good extraction and manufacturing practices, biological-fishery monitoring, compliance with the program criteria and monitoring strategy of the Park through the exercise of control and surveillance.

So why are you going to enjoy your fish even more?

Because with the fish you consume in the Gorgona National Natural Park you are supporting the conservation of the fishing resources, as well as the socio-economic improvement of the fishing communities that develop the activity outside the protected area and in a responsible manner.

Enjoy your meal!

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