Ecogourmet sustainable fishing with environmental responsibility

EcoGourmet is an initiative of the strategic alliance signed in 2003, between Fondo Acción and Conservación Internacional Colombia (CI) and with the support of the National Authority of Aquaculture and Fisheries – AUNAP, whose main objective is to identify and support cases of excellence in which a sustainable and equitable business model is applied on the fishing value chain.

The AUNAP is part of the technical committee evaluating and qualifying the beneficiaries of the economic and technical resources in the framework of this program. Thus, both the restaurants that sell marine products from artisanal fishermen and the end consumers are involved, generating added value in terms of good fishing practices and product quality.


Otto Polanco Rengifo, Director General of AUNAP, said that the implementation of this initiative “seeks to optimize the conservation objectives and sustainable and equitable use of natural fisheries resources within good fishing practices, in addition to generating greater profitability for all the actors within the value chain to finally create awareness and customer loyalty to the fish consumers in Colombia “.

As an achievement of this program, and within the background of the first and second cycle, positive results should be highlighted in terms of administrative strengthening among fishing associations, quality in fresh fish, increase in income of community organizations, fisheries sustainability and awareness to the final consumer.

EcoGourmet is a way of appraising the contribution of the Colombian artisanal fisherman in the conservation of the coastal marine environment that promotes the sustainability of the commercial chain of fishing in the National territory.

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