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Women protecting our oceans.

Today in the Celebration of World Oceans Day, we recognize the great value they have in our lives and highlight the importance of the feminine gender in the conservation of this ecosystem. We present the stories of two women who demonstrate leadership in protecting our seas. Waldetrudiz Obregón Andrade. Waldetrudiz Obregon Andrade. Waldy as her family and friends call [...]

The new sustainable trade model

Fried with toast or sweated with rice, no matter how you eat it, the fish in Gorgona is delicious. And the experience is unique, imagine sitting in a wooden dining room, breeze on your face, under the shade of palm trees and listening to the waves a few meters away, while the scent and taste of a red snapper [...]

Ecogourmet sustainable fishing with environmental responsibility

EcoGourmet is an initiative of the strategic alliance signed in 2003, between Fondo Acción and Conservación Internacional Colombia (CI) and with the support of the National Authority of Aquaculture and Fisheries - AUNAP, whose main objective is to identify and support cases of excellence in which a sustainable and equitable business model is applied on the fishing value chain. [...]

The EcoGourmet program gets stronger

Socially responsible fishing is the goal of an ambitious plan that aims to bring, in a value chain, the fishing resource from the moment of capture to the consumer's plate. Is it possible to build responsible sustainable fishing practices that are also lucrative for the community? The answer is a resounding yes. And that affirmation comes from an association of [...]

Strategic Allies